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Memory Haven_

Technovation World Summit winners

Team Memory Haven, consisting of Margaret Akano (17), Rachael Akano (15) and Joy Njekwe (17), was named winner of the senior girls’ division at the Technovation World Summit and won for their efforts in building an app designed to help more than 500,000 people in Ireland whose families may have been impacted by dementia.

Margaret Akano
Margaret Akano is 17 years old. She graduated from Sacred Heart Secondary School and has now began her medical journey at university. She lives in Drogheda, Co Louth with her parents and her younger sister and brother. She has a huge passion for the sciences, particularly biology. The workings and functions of the human body have always been of interest to her.

Margaret also really enjoys helping other people. She has always been fascinated by technology and the ways in which it can be used to assist people in their daily lives. That is why she jumped at the opportunity to take part in the Technovation Competition.

Rachael Akano
Rachael Akano is a 15-year-old student at the Sacred Heart Secondary School from Drogheda, Co Louth. She has a love for business and app development and has had a fascination for hardware and electronics for as long as she can remember.

While the other girls her age were playing with Barbie dolls, Rachael was fixing and repurposing old gadgets that she would find around the house. After secondary school, her dream course for university is business and IT.

Although extremely passionate about business and IT, Rachael also has a deep-seeded love for music. When not working with the Memory Haven team or studying hard to achieve her dream course, the young budding musician spends her time writing music, playing different instruments and singing her heart out.

Joy Njekwe
Joy Njekwe is an exceptional student at Our Lady’s College Greenhills where she studies physics, chemistry, economics, French and the core three subjects all at higher level and is known for her curiosity in regard to science and engineering.

The prospective computer engineer strives to bridge the gap between healthcare and science and her scientific passion has earned her many opportunities such as coming second in the Social Technology Challenge in the Essence Awards 2018 and winning the grand prize and People’s Choice Award in Technovation World Summit 2020.