Eímear Noone_

Eímear Noone_

Conductor, composer and producer

Eímear Noone is an award-winning Irish composer and conductor. A legend in the gaming industry, she has composed extensively for film and video game and is responsible for some of the most enduring soundscapes on World of Warcraft and other best-selling video games. This year, Eímear became the first female conductor to perform at the Academy Awards

She has conducted orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony and The Philadelphia orchestras and has worked on scores for directors such as Gus Van Sant and Joe Dante, orchestrating for Oscar nominee Javier Navarrette (composer of Pan’s Labyrinth) creating haunting music for thrillers Mirrors and The Hole.

Eímear also founded a major European game music festival in Ireland and is an advocate for and mentor to creative women in tech and music.