Colm Harte_

Colm Harte_

Technical director, NearForm

Colm Harte is experienced in developing scalable, high-availability platforms across a variety of industries. He has a broad knowledge of software as a creative process, along with significant management and leadership experience.

Colm has acquired deep technical knowledge and leadership skills during his 25 years of experience in the software industry. After graduating from Waterford Institute of Technology, he spent several years working on software for Ericsson, Aritech Security Systems and Dataworks. He subsequently became a senior software engineer at Waterford Technologies, where he provided software solutions to LeT systems.

Colm was the team lead on a three-month project to create a prototype consumer offering site for Muzu, utilising the latest web technologies. He was hired as Muzu’s head of engineering as a direct result of the success of the project and later became their CTO before joining NearForm in 2016.